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TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP is today one of the world's leading suppliers of cable carriers, guideway protection, and conveyor systems. KABELSCHLEPP 1954 launched its steel drag chains. Their inventor Dr. Gilbert Waninger and Dr. Waldrich, the owner of the company, recognized the great potential of these chains at an early stage. 

Until then energy flexibles such as cables and hydraulic hoses had simply been allowed to hang loose from machines, resulting in damage and rapid wear. Thanks to KABELSCHLEPP's vision and innovation all this changed fundamentally - energy flexibles and control cables are now bundled, guided and protected. 

KABELSCHLEPP immediately patented this idea – a patent which was to become the first of many over the following years. From the original prototype, a variety of steel and plastic models was developed, offering a perfect solution for every area of application. For example, in 1967 KABELSCHLEPP invented the first solid plastic cable carrier comprising of one-piece injection-molded links. 

Whether it's for systems which are extremely lightweight, moveable in three-dimensions, link free or extra long cable carriers, with its innovative drive KABELSCHLEPP has over the past 50 years provided an important stimulus for industry and remains a technological market leader to the present day.


We supply steel, highgrade stainless steel and solid plastic cable carriers and plastic cable carriers with aluminium stays (Hybrid cable carriers), in standard sizes or tailormade to an individual customer’s requirements in millimetre units. 

electrical cables were specially developed, optimized and tested for use in cable carrier systems.
and more...


Our cable carrier systems have been deployed successfully in a variety of industries around the world for over 50 years. We now offer Standard applications as cusomised solutions, taylormade for the individual needs of your industry ex stock. Your industry sector is not in the list? Get in touch with us directly - our industry experts will be happy to help!

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