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Combining Gore’s world-leading ePTFE technology with our expertise in polymeric dielectrics, we’ve developed a wide-ranging portfolio of high-performance signal transmission products.

Our EMI shielding and grounding solutions offer features and material characteristics that ensure reliable performance in mobile electronics like smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and automotive electronic control modules. The wide-ranging shielding materials in our portfolio are marked by high compressibility, easy installation, low DC resistance, and superior conductivity — amounting to products that shield reliably even in harsh environments, and electronics that work just as they should.


Electrochemical Materials

Gore can also provide environmental solutions through fuel cell technology. Our fuel cell components offer high durability and power density to meet the world’s growing energy needs while addressing environmental concerns. Fuel Cells can be used for cars and buses; for stationary applications, acting as backup power for critical systems and remote locations; in portable applications like generators and compact charge devices; and for co-generation, sourcing cost-efficient heat and power for homes.

Electronic Components for Oil and Gas Applications

Power electronics in oil and gas downhole tools are subjected to some of the harshest operating conditions on the planet. Design teams have had to work around the challenges of legacy capacitor technologies: using multiple capacitors to meet power needs while overcoming de-rating, innovating specialty mounting techniques for shock & vibration, the use of dewar insulation systems, or even cooling systems to resist extreme temperatures. GORE High Temperature Capacitors reduce the risk of tool failure by delivering stable performance in harsh oil and gas downhole environments. Unlike traditional capacitors, Gore’s technology avoids sudden and complete failure for a more predictable mission completion.


Electrochemical Device & Fuel Cell Components

In 1994, Gore developed its proprietary reinforced membrane technology, based on our expertise in engineering ePTFE. Since then we have produced millions of membrane electrode assemblies, more than any other supplier in the industry. Our product line includes: GORE-SELECT® Membrane GORE® PRIMEA® Membrane Electrode Assemblies GORE® Electrodes and Electrode Assemblies Gore Electrochemical Products have been used in such diverse applications as: PEM Fuel Cells for automotive, stationary, back-up, and portable power PEM fuel cells for co-generation (power and heat) CO detectors Batteries Flow batteries EDLCs (electrical double-layer capacitors) Gore Fuel Cell Components provide high durability and power density and are designed and tested for fitness for use in the most demanding fuel cell applications worldwide: Transportation — reliable, zero-emission power for cars and buses Stationary — back-up power for critical systems and remote locations Portable — fuel cell generators and compact charge devices Co-generation — cost-efficient heat and power for homes It is our continuing mission to make fuel cell components that are the most powerful, dependable and cost effective in the world, to meet the world's growing energy needs and environmental concerns.


EMI Shielding & Grounding Solutions - Aerospace Electronics

Approved for military aerospace and spaceflight applications, gasketing solutions in the GS2100 Series provide the superior shielding effectiveness required in mission-critical scenarios.


EMI Shielding & Grounding Solutions - Mobile Electronics

GORE® EMI Shielding Solutions offer unique features and reliable performance for demanding applications. Gore offers a variety of material types and application forms, which range from highly customized precision die-cut solutions to standardized off-the-shelf solutions. Die-Cut Gaskets provide a dimensionally consistent, conformal interface and are particularly well suited for cavity-to-cavity shielding. These die-cuts are ideal for high volume applications and can be installed rapidly and accurately to a cover or board without curing. Peel and Stick Strip Gaskets enable you to design and prototype EMI gaskets easily and inexpensively. They are also an excellent alternative to dispensed FIP gaskets and large die-cut gaskets. They are ideal for retrofitting applications and field repairing damaged gaskets. Available in three different materials, the GS5200 Series offers EMI shielding effectiveness from low frequency to 40 GHz and work in solutions ranging from snap-together plated plastic shields to plated magnesium housings.


EMI Shielding & Grounding Solutions - Automotive Electronics

Grounding and shielding products must maintain signal integrity, ensure electrical performance, and do so without breaking under mechanical stress. The automotive SMT Supersoft EMI gaskets from Gore are durably built to provide highly reliable grounding with the convenience and precision of SMT installation in telematics, infotainment, instrument cluster, advanced driver assistance systems and other electronic systems.

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