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3D Line


Cable carrier for 3D movements

  1. Steel cable for transferring extremely high tensile forces

  2. Tension piece for locking the chain links

  3. Type with toolless opening swivel crossbars and divider module available

  4. Open design
    – Fast cable laying as the cables are simply pressed in
    – Easy checking of all cables

  5. Special plastic for long service life

  6. Protective covers or heat shields made from different materials are available for different environmental conditions

  7. Quick-release bracket for fixing and continuation

  8. Strain relief with Line-Fix clamps

  9. Protection against hard impacts, excessive abrasion and premature wear as well as limitation of the bending radius through protector


  • Suitable for three-dimensional swivel and rotation movements

  • Ideal for a long service life of the cables:
    – The bending radius does not fall below the minimum when using protectors
    – The cables can be separated in three chambers

  • Also ideal for turntables


Cable carriers for 3D applications

Multidimensional rotation and swivel motions require cable carriers that follow the movements reliably while securely guiding and protecting cables and hoses. The cable carriers from the 3D-Line combine these special characteristics and are therefore particularly suitable for applications in robotics and automation.

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